Sensibilisierung für ein nachhaltiges Mobilitätsverhalten 

Creating awareness for the consequences of motorised mobility behaviour


As already indicated in the chapter Lowering the amount of CO2,, it has been one of our major interests  to evaluate  how people are travelling to and back from school.


Our task is now to raise awareness among the school community to the concrete consequences of getting to school either by using a car yourself or being dropped off by parents, if only short distances need to be covered.


Therefore, a weight-model was built by us that calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emission produced by us, through which the impacts will be made more tangible and easier to grasp. We can for instance create a weight situation for measuring CO2-emissions in one week, one month and a whole schoolyear.

This hands-on methodological approach will help to create a more long-term awareness – in contrast to just hearing about figures.

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